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  • Friday ,13 March 2015

Political reflection to the killing of a dog

Magdy Youssef

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Friday ,13 March 2015

Political reflection to the killing of a dog
I had a discussion in one of the forums that discuss the conditions and circumstances of Egypt, in which different trends and groups come together. They were talking about the dog that was slain in Haram, Qaliobia. One of the attendees denounced the crime wishing to punish the criminals who tortured and killed the poor dog. He also explained that Islam strongly condemn such practices.
I started my speech by a question: Can we forgive those young people for their crime in order to save their future? They started attacking my idea claiming that the Egyptian society denounce the crime and the criminals must pay for their crime.
I turned around a little bit toward the audience and spoke: If you refuse to reconcile and forgive those young people who killed a dog, how dare some people ask for reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood who killed our officers and soldiers before they distort their bodies, and threw our children of the buildings! I turned out and find that my opponents have disappeared as they went to attend a religious seminar. Note: this is a true story.