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  • Wednesday ,11 March 2015

Chronic diseases of the homeland

Maged Samir

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Wednesday ,11 March 2015

Chronic diseases of the homeland
In my articles, I try to point out to many diseases afflicting the homeland. The first crisis I want to talk about is the escape of 18 monkey from veterinary hospital in Nasr City! This comes after the great interest of TV talk shows about the killing of a dog. We may find several demonstrations demanding freedom for the monkeys. Moreover, several political symbols should belong to those monkeys as well.
Once again, the tea kettle appears as main criminal in burning a huge hall of Conference Hall in Nasr City. It's completely nonsense to find an official accusing a tea kettle of burning huge hall like the Conference Hall in Nasr City. They have to say that it was make in Qatar or Turkey for better storyline.
Egyptian education has a pure invention to destroy creativity, which is called “Answer Model”. This forces any student to stay away from creative answers or else he is going to fail! Such model forgot once that rubbish is one cause for environment pollution, and punished such creative student by loosing the marks of that question!
The fourth story is about preventing  building the churches by extremists, while police is just watching. In the best cases, the church is built on several conditions such as no bells or crosses should appear on the building! Now, is there any hope that the homeland will recover?