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  • Friday ,27 February 2015

Double Standard

Magdy Malak

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Friday ,27 February 2015

Double Standard
The Massacare that happened to the 21 Martyrs in Lybia assures us of the double standard of the West towards us. 
I vivadly recall when "ISIS" killed the american man. The US decided the very next day to go in a war against ISIS. The UN, and the West supported what the US had done, however, when Egypt did the same thing, the UN did not support them. Now, the UN and the US believe a political solution is necessary. The question is, why didn't they believe in using a political solution for Syria?
The West might be developed in regards to their industry, but I believe that the West is still developing in morally. The West is lost on the compass of human rights. When 12 French men were killed in France after 3 terrorists attaked the newspaper during a meeting, the whole West came to France to announce their soldirity with them. I believe what they did was a good action, but the question is why hasn't the West called for the same action when the Coptics were killed? 
Is everyone in Middle East easy targets to be killed? Does the West only believe in protecting their nation even if all other people in the world were killed? NATO entered Lybia to end the "Al-Kazafy" war against his nation, however, the West and Europe left Lybia now to fight against each other. I believe the point is not to save the Libian from "Al-Kazafy" but to take revenge from "Al-Kazafy" who from the Western point was threatening them. 
The West is adopting a duble standard in all its actions and that will lead to more terrorism attacks becasue maybe the war today is in the Middle East but tomorrrow will be in the West itself. Can the West wake-up before the time is over??