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  • Tuesday ,10 February 2015

Egyptian-Saudi maritime maneuver underway in Red Sea


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Tuesday ,10 February 2015

Egyptian-Saudi maritime maneuver underway in Red Sea

Joint Egyptian-Saudi navy maneuver Morgan 15 is underway in the Red Sea waters of Saudi Arabia, military spokesperson Mohamed Samir stated on Facebook Monday.

“The exercise is part of joint training of the Armed Forces with friendly countries to enhance prospects of cooperation and exchange of training experience between the forces of the two countries, which share a strong bond of partnership and strategic cooperation in many fields to lay foundations of security and stability in the Middle East,” Samir wrote.
The maneuver will continue for several days with destroyers, missile boats, logistics, anti-submarine aircrafts, and naval Special Forces. The exercises include planning joint maritime hostilities day and night, training on interception at sea, combating submarines, supply and refueling and combating smuggling and piracy.
Raiding and searching simulated suspect vessels will also be included in the training.
Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the U.S., UAE, Greece, France and Italy participated in the Exercise Eagle Salute joint training in Egypt’s Red Sea territorial waters in June 2014.
The statement comes after an Islamist TV channel affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood broadcast a recording that purports top officials discussing obtaining money from wealthy Gulf States.
President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi made four phone calls to Saudi King Salman, Bahraini King Hamad, UAE Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Zayed and Kuwaiti Emir Sabah Al-Ahmad Monday to discuss bilateral relations.
The four Gulf States have offered huge financial and diplomatic support to Egypt following the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi in July 2013. Earlier in February, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait announced they would provide Egypt with $10 billion in deposits ahead of the Egypt Economic Development Summit scheduled in March.