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  • Wednesday ,04 February 2015

Negotiations with the murderers

Mina M. Azer

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Wednesday ,04 February 2015

Negotiations with the murderers
Egypt’s Prime Minister couldn’t find better representatives for the people in Mataria except for sponsors of terrorism, who killed the Coptic child Mina Maher, and held a meeting with them. Therefore, from now on, I don’t consider the office of Egyptian Prime Minister until another person comes to the office. He is hardworking, but a great unsuccessful with the most failure police all over the world.
In the meeting, the killers demanded new mosques in order to spread more fanaticism in the region, and also police cars to protect them. I really don’t understand why they need protection. I can only imagine they need to secure arms deals. Police can do this job since they can’t arrest those killers.
I wonder if they need protection from the Coptic Christians whom they accuse of carrying weapons, but in fact, they are always the victims whose children are killed like the child Mina Maher who was killed in Mataria.
Now, Egypt’s Prime Minister can only negotiate with the killers, but is not able to offer his condolences to the victims. Has the Prime Minister believed the nonsense of Tarek Gohary, former commander of the guard of ousted president Mohamed Morsy, who claimed that Coptic Christians have a lot of weapons stored in their churches. Many fanatics had the same claim including former presidential candidate Mohamed al-Awa.
Tarik also claimed that America is transporting weapons for Christian monasteries by helicopters, and that he could hear the radio conversations between the tower and the monastery and the plane on his radio. It looks like Ibrahim Mehleb, Egypt’s Prime Minister, has used the same illusory radio to receive information about the terrorists and the victims in Mataria. I acknowledge this man is really hardworking, but he is a great failure politically as well. He committed a great sin that destroyed his great history by supporting those terrorists and negotiating with them.