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  • Monday ,02 February 2015

Interior ministry to release 312 prisoners


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Monday ,02 February 2015

Interior ministry to release 312 prisoners

The Ministry of Interior announced Sunday it will release a total number of 312 prisoners, part of commemorating fourth anniversary of the 25 January Revolution and Police Day.

The decision was based on a presidential decree entailing the shortening of the prison sentence, the ministry stated in a statement.
President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi had said on 19 January that “a list is being prepared to release a number of prisoners who were not involved in incidents that harmed the country”.
Another 193 prisoner are expected to be released, as they have served three quarters of their prison sentence, with a minimum of nine months, according to a final court verdict.
This comes as part of the policy to “respect human rights”, the ministry added.
In a press conference following the fourth anniversary of the 25 January Revolution, Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim said that he hopes large numbers of prisoners are released, hoping to decrease the “concentration of prisoners”.
Assistant to the Minister of Interior Abdel Fattah Uthman previously told state media that Egypt’s security situation is improving after over 10,000 people were detained since the beginning of 2014.
Last year, hundreds of protesters were arrested on charges of violating the Protest Law.
Egyptian prisons have been subject to heavy criticism from international and local human rights groups.
Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a report last week strongly criticising Egyptian authorities for failing to improve detention conditions or to independently investigate reports of detainees’ deaths as a result of physical torture and sub-standard conditions inside prisons.