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  • Monday ,02 February 2015

Terrorism in Sinai

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,02 February 2015

Terrorism in Sinai
I was planning to write an article on Terrorism in general, where it started how and when? Was the terror attack on the World Trade Centre of September 11, 2000 the beginning or just the most famous one, and was it a real attack or a CIA plan to demolish Iraq, then Libya and Syria but the recent attacks on the Egyptian Army in Sinai changed my plans.
Yes, I was born 1951, and the ruler of Egypt was and remained for the following 18 months King Farouk, who willingly to preserve Egyptian blood from being shade following the 23rd of July 1952 revolution gave up the Throne to his Son. 
Being born under a royal political system, but raised under a republican one does not make me belong to any of them I just belong to Egypt point blank. However, for a certain period I thought I was a Nasser supporter –and still-, but without any political or non political goals.  
Yes, I was and still a Nasser supporter because he taught me how to love Egypt, how to save and preserve its pride and he was like a father to Egypt who loved Egypt and with his death Egypt become an orphan, and remained orphan till El-Sissy took over!
 When I lost my Mother I became an orphan. 
But I still had a family, a caring father R.I.P. and beloved sisters, so loosing my mother was painful, but I survived the event thanks to my beloved family; However, when Nasser died, I felt lost, I saw how the people loved him and mourned his death, they took him to his last eternal residence crying and mourning. I did cry as well though I am not too sure if I did shed any tears for the loss of my father! 
Yes I was sad for the death of my father, but then I was a young man not a child, my values in life did not change but my views become clearer; Over the years, I saw how politicians wear Nasser shirt trying to convince people they are just like Nasser, same views and goals just for a political victory not really loving him, but my love for Nasser, R.I.P. never ever changed, up to this very moment I still love him as an Egyptian who loved Egypt and gave the best he could for his country! 
Nasser was an Egyptian who loved Egypt not GOD!
Yes over the years I learned and understood his fatal mistakes, but this did not affect my love to him as a person, moreover, I found excuses for his mistakes, and I said it clear, Egyptian people taught him to become a dictator, he with all good will tried to establish a council to help him ruling the country (the revolution leading council), but his co-officers and colleagues let him down, rather than helping with ideas or propositions they expected orders, so he did not find any assistance, he had to make his own decisions, moreover, they never criticized them they just applauded in enthusiasm, so no wander he become a dictator!
Back to the present.
Having said that I wish to recap  since Nasser’s death nor R.I.P. Sadat, neither Mubarak represented a true be loving Egyptian president, to me the only bright affair of Sadat was October 73 war and peace negotiations ending with Camp David peace agreement! His accomplishments before were the release of the young –then- Devils Brotherhood –formerly known as Muslim Brotherhood- activists how become leaders latter on when they did steal the presidency sit of Egypt in favour of Morsy the Egyptian TRAITOR who ruled Egypt! The other major accomplishment of Sadat prior to the 1973 war was igniting sectarian violence that reigned in Mubarak days and become more and more frequent!
In the middle of all that black sad history of Egypt, El-Sissy a true Egyptian who never claimed being a Nasser party supporter, or DB –short for Devils Brotherhood- he was just a simple Egyptian who won people’s love and confidence being a true Egyptian lover, like Nasser without any true political ambitions! 
That is why though I trusted him and voted him president, I find it an obligation, national obligation or Egyptian obligation or as a Copts-United author of frequent articles, to observe and analyse each and every movement he does, I do not want Egyptians with their love and trust on him, to spoil him and turn him to another dictator like they did with his former true Egyptian Lover Nasser!
Yesterday Friday 30 January 2015 was a black Friday, each and every Egyptian cursing proposing ways to retaliate and impatiently awaiting the president’s re-action on the massacres that killed almost 40 Egyptians defending Egypt against terrorism that Egyptians authorised their army to fight on 26th July 2013! Meaning Egypt is at war with terrorism and at war times there is no opposition there is just people fighting with their army however, enemy would try by all means to demoralise and destroy the confidence of the people in their army to make them feel desperate and let their army down and achieve their victorious goals! At war times there is no opposition there is only TRAITORS who must be shout dead as military tradition implies on TRAITORS!
For the first time my favourite channel TV5MONDE-EUROPE showed the name of Egypt and El-Sissy in the news and the only comment was on Sinai a place of –Cigarettes, Drugs, and Gaza- here the world “Cigarettes” was used to point out illegal trade traffic like in Cigarettes, and Drugs! Obviously the word Gaza points to Palestinians! 
To make it clear, since the war of 1948 Gaza was under the Egyptian supervision as trust that should return to Palestine once liberated from the occupation -that never happen- and what really happened in 1967 defeat of Nasser, both Gaza, and Sinai were occupied by Israel until Sadat in 1973 broke the claims that Israel Army non defeated Army got defeated, then in Camp David officially liberated Sinai and Gaza that become independent  entity not under the Egyptian supervision! This was the political point of view in Sinai, and Gaza however in reality there is a social life in those lands! People who under occupation or free lived their lives, some where initially from Saudi peninsula crossed the borders and establish tribes in Sinai, some from different parts of Sinai peninsula moved over in the research of water and ways of living some come from Gaza and it is a common thing to see families and tribes in the northern part of Sinai mixed up half Palestinians and half Sinai tribal ascends! Those people formed towns and villages small or big and never got any real attention from the government of Egypt, they were officially part of Egypt but never really under its supervision or control!
This is in fact due to several factors one of then the security luck of forces due to therestrictions imposed by the Camp David treaty and the necessity of surviving for those people, they had to create their own kingdom based of Drugs trafficking and all other illegal activities that the luck of security could not follow or hunt! Final result was an imaginary border line over the map and a real under the ground world with tunnels and ties to Gaza where population was half Palestinian -or better say Gaza- half Egyptian and family ties impose protection of any illegal activity! 
This activity included beside the Drugs traffic, weapons to protect their business and extended to theft of various resources from the main land and pass them to Gaza though the numerous countless tunnels! Tunnels and hosting a Tunnel in your house become another source of life!
Well this abbreviation of TV5MONDE-EUROPE explains exactly what happen on Thursday 29th January 2015! Terrorists who are initially of Gaza ascendant pure Gaza or mixed with Sinai tribal origins are still protected and covered up by their families who might be just pure innocent farmers or thugs, thieves and terrorists as well.
In this environment as you see every person not just Army officer is in danger, but the saddening part is that those tribes were a major factor in the victories of October 1973 war specially the southern ones close to the Red Sea! The other fact that many might not see within their grieves is that the war on Terror is the worst type of wars you do not have one defined enemy to deal with but death is awaiting for you in any step!
C.W. Bush who ignited the war on Terror and sent troops to Pakistan fought for years and his successors continued that war then retreated leaving terrorists all over the earth! But the Egyptian Army and Egyptians will never retreat from Sinai they will with God’s will purify Sinai, because not just as a part of Egypt, is blessed but Sinai is the place that God gave the 10 commandments to Mosses there Mosses did his miracle and split the sea and by all means Sinai is a holly place protected by GOD! 
As for the Egyptians who are sick and tired of those atrocities, like myself, I say do not expect a speech from El-Sissy, the president I got to know and respect, is not a person who would come on every and each event with a speech and threats or decisions –that might never be executed- he is an army man not talking just performing acting then when time comes comments in short expressing statement all what was in our minds!
May God keep blessing Egypt and help us all to overcome this sad event hoping that one day the power of Love will overcome the love of power so that the world will know PEACE! Peace of the lord be with you all and Egypt!