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  • Thursday ,22 January 2015

Two-sided women

Hind Mukhtar

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Thursday ,22 January 2015

Two-sided women

There is a kind of women responsible for distorting the image of all women in the eyes of men. She claims purity and innocence while she is too far from that. She is working hard to find a good husband, but she doesn’t mind changing her boy friend several times, just like her clothes, before such good husband is found.

Then, she changes her skin to match the new husband whether he is religious or not, she always matches his preferences and claim to have whatever characters he wants. 
Such women encourage Easterner men to hate women and treat them like trash and never show them the due respect. 
This problem is apparently caused by the wrong ideas in our mind that we plant in the minds of our children. We teach them that marriage is the reason of life and a woman won’t be a real woman unless she gets married.
We can find such bad ideas in all classes in our community. Such women are going to raise their children to teach them the same ideas. This is so ugly, I feel so bad.