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  • Wednesday ,21 January 2015

We won’t participate in any of Jan 25 demonstrations: Nour Party

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Wednesday ,21 January 2015

We won’t participate in any of Jan 25 demonstrations: Nour Party

The Salafi Nour Party announced Tuesday they would not participate in any demonstrations during the fourth anniversary of the January 25 Revolution, Youm7 reported.
Ahmed Al-Qatan, Member of the Supreme Commission for the Party stated that they are currently preparing for the party’s final electoral program for the parliament elections, scheduled to begin in March and last until early May.
A numbers of political powers are expected to participate in the coming anniversary; the April 6 political movement wrote on its official Facebook page Tuesday, “the revolution will continue until we achieve a good standard of living, freedom and human dignity. We are demanding this for all Egyptians regardless of their backgrounds, thoughts and affiliations.”
The Nour Party is known in Egypt as a hard-line Salafi group, albeit ideologically against toppling a ruler. However, it participated in laying out the 2013 roadmap after the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi. A number of its supporters dissented from its position and took to streets in support of the Muslim Brotherhood.
High security measures are reported to be taken by the security forces protecting facilities and universities during the coming anniversary, as number of Islamic political powers that support the Muslim Brotherhood and former president Mohamed Morsi are expected to organize some  demonstrations against the government and regime.