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  • Monday ,19 January 2015

Who the Victims Are?

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,19 January 2015

Who the Victims Are?

Last week when I wanted to congratulate Egyptians for Christmas and wish the whole of Egypt many more happy returns, the attack on France made me spoiled the occasion, in a few coming days another religious occasion according to the Coptic calendar is the celebrations of Jesus baptism in the Jordan river on Saint John’s hands who was nominated for that occasion John the Baptist, or St. John the Baptist whom my name –John- is after him. In the Gregorian calendar in Orthodox church this is celebrated on the 6th of January and next day is St. John the Baptist memory, “He who come after me and was before me…” his most famous say may his blessing be on us among us for ever and ever Amen.                                            

So last week was a very special week for me that those attacks spoiled! But who the real victims are? It is amazing how the work of God works, yes the person is dead, finish he is not among us he went to where he belongs, haven or hell, but who really suffers are the aggressors who have to hid for the rest of their life, their supporters who are seen as terrorists and the rest of Islamic population that tries to deny their support to terrorism or prove that this is not Islam! Bottom line is that terrorism turns around to hit itself! The Islamist terrorist who shoots randomly around him kills Muslims as well; the bullets do not choose whom to kill!

In the latest developments in week’s review we see more atrocities were planned more failures, and more fanatics keep burning France flags in Kabul! Is this religion? Is this going to raise the Islamic Fanatic Black ISIS flag? Is this going to be a victory? What is all this about?
Reading history is not just telling what our ancient fathers did, this can be found everywhere in the history books, libraries, in new media means like CDs and DVDs and on the Internet sites Youtube or Wikipedia and Wikileaks, but none of them teaches you the lessons out of historical events! Very few books or sites try to be educational and analyse events, but again this represents the views of their creators, not facts and to illustrate the idea I’ll write down a recent post review about a question published on the internet social site Facebook; The question to the best of my recollection stated:-
Was it a Revolution or Conspiracy?
Jamal Abdul Nasser –ex president of Egypt R.I.P.- received the Kingdom of Egypt and Sudan with Gaza and Sinai and Halaeb he left Egypt half occupied without Sinai, Gaza, Sudan and Halaeb!
Well first I had to object on the term [received] receiving means receipt, accepting, delivering or dispatching none of that applies to the coup de etas Nasser did against his superior officer Mohamed Naguib and taking over control!
I’m not in the position to judge if this was right or wrong and is out of the scope of this article but briefly talking about the comments, some said he took the permission of the states and others said he was Muslim Brotherhood –recalling the new synonym Devil Brotherhood or in brief DB- I say -and it is documented in a lot of internet sites- he initially was a DB member and it is there where he got to know and become friends with Mohamed Anwar El Sadat –R.I.P- and due to this relationship he did help Sadat to return to the army after he was prosecuted and dismissed from the army even imprisoned on charges of killing. That is a well known history of both Nasser and Sadat. Back to the point my answer to the question was clearly and documented conspiracy from both East -represented by the Soviet Union- and west represented by –USA, UK, France- and the collaboration of Israel! 
Well again, a powerful head of state in Egypt represented a huge danger to the well known world at that time, the Egyptian Revolution of July 25th 1952 ignited revolutions in Algeria, Tunis, Yemen and many more places in Africa and the neighbouring countries! Kingdoms around Egypt start falling and becoming republics even in Europe –Greece- his initiative to create a 3rd standing force against East and West with Fidel Nehru, Tito and create the non allied countries of either East or West was another huge imminent danger the imperialistic forces had to break him down and they did on 1967!
A closer look now, where is Czechoslovakia now or Yugoslavia? This break apart policy is an ongoing policy since the British forces succeeded in their peaceful negotiations with the Mahatma Ghandi who accepted that Pakistan be separated from India! I first recent successful break apart country that is still a non rest spot, Pakistan trying restlessly to conker the whole of India!
Where Terrorist is heading?
 Is God there to protect you or your duty and faith in God requires that you protect him? Even atheist would laugh of this Idea you protect God? Where is he to protect him? How you would protect him? 
Funny questions and conclusions that politicians use to keep in place and extract a place or take over powers! 
Since ever, deep in human history wars and occupations occurs to survive when all resources used to be agriculture that depends on irrigation if you do not have a permanent source of water like a lake or river then you run after its resources but there are other people already live there then you have to take over that place and war starts! All great civilizations were born around rivers, and then fights started and spread over once new means of living introduced to humanity Industry, resources, power, raw material and trade even technology!
Yes when a French radiologist expert, goes to South Africa expects a welcome not rejection because we need to learn from his expertise, but why should I welcome someone who comes to steal my resources of gold? Why I should welcome the trader who bought my coal for nothing and come back to sell me his corn flakes for a fortune? This is the name of the game I need you to be my helpless depended on my so I become richer and you poorer!
People on Earth let the power of LOVE overcome the love of power my peace of the lord be with you.
I rest my case but before ending my article a final world to the so called experts in security, or politics or whatever takes place on the media analysing events, those might due to their positions know something that is still secret from the public for security reasons however, they are still humans subjects to right and wrong and might advise or analyse wrongly so please always use your own brain and judgment on all events, mainly how to remain a human being!
Once again I wish Egypt and Egyptians all best wishes for their feast with Jesus Baptism and may God keep Blessing Egypt and Egyptians for Ever Amen!