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  • Wednesday ,14 January 2015

Hypocrite Media

Hind Mukhtar

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Wednesday ,14 January 2015

Hypocrite Media

During the revolution of January 25, the Egyptian public TV was only airing movies ignoring all information about the revolution.

At that time, the Egyptians decided to watch other satellite channels like Al-Jazira and BBC to know the real news on the ground.

Many anchors and journalists just ignored the matter until they made sure the revolution will win. Then, they decided to become the new revolutionists! Many activists decided to follow the same path and started appearing on televisions analyzing the events and even invited to vote for the Muslim Brotherhood in the presidential elections.

Soon, the same people found out that the Muslim Brotherhood regime has failed and the people were going to overthrow this regime. Thus, they followed the new wave and forgot about their previous situations. The same people decided to call those who disagree with them as traitors and agents.

In fact, there are many good people in field of Egyptian media, but much more people are but hypocrites. Let’s stop participating in the crime of  deception of our people.