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  • Friday ,09 January 2015

The Church Commends You!

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,10 January 2015

The Church Commends You!

We, as Egyptians have recently witnessed a life-changing event in front of our eyes. This past Christmas the Copts had the honor of receiving Sisi in the Cathedral for midnight mass. Sisi is the first ever president to visit the cathedral to celebrate with the Copts a religious event. He came in gracefully and greeted the Pope with respect and was honored by what he saw. 

But in fact I think that the Coptic people and Sisi were both Honored with what took place that evening. The congregation chanted their love for him, and he, in return was overwhelmed by the welcome he received. I want to focus on the more crucial issue than just Sisi saying hi to the Coptic congregation. The President's action gave us hope for the future.  By saying a few words and sharing feelings of appreciation and equality among the Coptic nation, Sisi has restored the faith of the Coptic community in the government of Egypt. 
Egypt has always been thought of as an Islamic state but I feel and see that Sisi is trying his best to show the nation that everybody is equal under the law in Egypt. Our Christian holidays are just as important as the Muslim ones. We deserve to celebrate our feast without any fear or embarrassment. We have lived for so long in an age that does not appreciate the differences in religion, the differences of equality, or the differences of human rights. Sisi coming to the church that night not only shows us Egyptians an indication of change, but also respect.
I have great faith in the years to come and this act is an indication of how Sisi will lead his government in the coming years. I only hope that he has the chance to build Egypt up from where it was destroyed by Morsi. I hope that Sisi has the chance to prove to the nation that he was the right choice to be president and that it is not a coup. 
I commend Sisi on his actions thus far towards the people of Egypt and wish him great success both for our sake and his in the future