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  • Wednesday ,07 January 2015

Prophecies of the new year

Mina M. Azer

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Wednesday ,07 January 2015

Prophecies of the new year

Journalists and anchors are used to host some astrologers and astronomers at the end of the year to foretell about the new year. Yet, many people are interested in such programs including myself, but I don’t know the reason! Maybe it’s our way to relieve our worry and fear for the new year.

The same wizard tried to prophesize the last year and claimed that Hamas rule will be over and al-Sisi won’t be the president. However, it looks like the Egyptians have decided to change their claimed destiny by those swindlers. Moreover, Hamas is still in power trading on blood of the young children.  
However, some prophecies turned out to be true concerning the overthrown of the Muslim Brotherhood regime. Yet, the rest of the prophecies were not true. 
The fact is that we make our own future. We may analyze the facts to make our own prophecies like those of the journalist Abdalla Kamal who said that Egypt will be ruled by retired general and that Egypt and Qatar will come together as brothers once again. We should decide for ourselves and make our future away from astrologers and astronomers.