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  • Tuesday ,06 January 2015

Media continue attacking Egypt

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,06 January 2015

Media continue attacking Egypt

I couldn't expect to find so many agents who carry the Egyptian citizenship, but have no loyalty to their homeland.

Many journalists and news reporters decided to join this ugly team. For instance, El Bawaba News has chosen a shocking and disappointing headline that raises fear in everybody who reads it. It expresses extreme anger and dissatisfaction at the year 2014, as well as extreme fear at the new year 2015.
However, I believe that 2014 was a great year for the Egyptians as they decided to overthrow the Muslim Brotherhood and restore their country back. 
In 2014, President Abdul Fatah al-Sisi was elected making millions of Egyptians happy. This president who offered a great chance to stop the disastrous plans and conspiracies to destroy Egypt. 
At the same year, the President donated half of his fortune and monthly salary to Egypt as inspiration to help the Egyptian economy. 
On August 2014, the president started the great project of the New Suez Canal; the project was financed by the Egyptian people who presented 65 billion LE in one week.
In 2014, many countries sought to restore its relationships with Egypt like Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Equatorial Guinea, Sudan, Russia, the United Nations, Italy, the Vatican, France and China.
All these great events happened in 2014, but the journalists at this newspaper can find nothing positive. Indeed, this is the goal of enemies of Egypt.