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  • Friday ,02 January 2015

Foada and the lock

Hind Mukhtar

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Thursday ,01 January 2015

Foada and the lock

A lock is a part of a canal or river that is closed off by gates so that the water level can be raised or lowered to move boats up or down a slope. It can lower the water lever and prevent watering the planets on that river. There was a famous movie about a woman called Fouada who was a farmer. The mayor Atris was a dictator who decided to close the lock and prevent farmers from watering their planets. Fouada decided to resist and say No! Thus, she opened the lock and overcame this dictator. 

Today, women are so fragile that they can’t resist or demand their basic rights. Sexual harassment became a real problem in Egypt. Women are really concerned about how not to provoke men by indecent clothes. Public transportation became so risky for them. She can’t even attack or report the police against men who harass them as she is considered guilty by the community and even responsible for provoking such sexual harassment!
Fouada opened the lock knowing that the old Atris won’t attack her even for breaking his law. New Fouada can’t do the same as new Atris is indecent and dirty. She will lose a lot and nobody will care for her, and even accuse her of being responsible for the attack as she opened the lock!