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  • Friday ,26 December 2014

Yes, Sisi, yes

Magdy Malak

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Friday ,26 December 2014

Yes, Sisi, yes

I would like to point out my appreciation for our President, Sisi. This may sound a little idealistic, and not reality, but I honestly believe that for the past year and a half, Sisi has made leaps and bounds in comparison to what Egypt was like during the reign of Morsi. 

We have had nothing but terrorism and protests every week. I mentioned in a previous article, that all we hear about is who was killed in Sinai, and how many protestors died in the violence in which they created. Admist all of this chaos, we still find Sisi finding a way to make the best of the situation, and address the Egyptian nation with the utmost respect and perserverance that our country needs right now.
He is taking a zero tolerance approach to those who are disrupting the order of Egyptian norms, and being harsh on criminals, and rightfully so. He is also taking the time to speak to the nation in this confidence, this peace, which makes me feel like he is in the exact right place right now. 
Egypt has been through a lot in the past years, when I say past, I don't just mean the revolution, but I also mean during the time of the dictatorship of Mubarak as well. I honestly believe at this point, the Egyptian community has no idea what civilized and honest living looks like. We are still trying to find a balance between getting what we want, and learning to live with the way the system works. 
I feel as though a lot of Egyptians are still in that "rebel until we win" mentality, and that is not the right way to build a country that is growing from ground zero. We need to understand that eventhough we are not getting everything we want, we have a president that is working towards our best interests. So I say yes to Sisi, and yes to the progress that he has made, and is making.