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  • Tuesday ,23 December 2014

Coptic legends Boutros Ghali and Magdi Yacoub

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,23 December 2014

Coptic legends Boutros Ghali and Magdi Yacoub

If the Egyptian government really seeks development, progress and reform, it should first treat all Egyptian citizens equally. It should benefit from all Egyptian people of experience no matter what their religions are. 

I felt very sorry as I was listening to anchor Youssef al-Hoseini interviewing the great Egyptian man, Dr. Boutros Boutros Ghali on ON TV private television. He was such a great man with grand amount of information and experience. This man has significant ideas and train of thought that represent precious treasures.
However, such treasures are simply ignored by the Egyptian government that is really in bad need to such experience. His answers represent development plans of policies and ideologies that Egypt should benefit from. Any other country would have used his experience and appreciated them.
Dr. Boutros Boutros Ghali is one modest great scientist who never assumes knowledge. Thus, he only talks in a subject when he he knows what to say. The State should not be ashamed that he is a Coptic Christian scientist as science has no religion!
Somebody may argue that Egypt uses and appreciates Dr. Magdy Yaacoub. However, the truth is that Yaacoub decided to return to his homeland and offer his experience, time and money to his people. He donated everything that the state couldn't do something to refuse! Consequently, he asked for nothing from the state.
Yaccoub didn't do like another Egyptian scientist who decided to benefit from his country instead of helping her. However, he was very welcomed by the state as long as he is a Muslim scientist. 
Hey Egypt, wake up and benefit from your loving children. They are willing to serve their country and give all what they have. You should not differentiate between your children based on their religion.