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  • Friday ,19 December 2014

Coptic and government responsibility

Magdy Malak

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Friday ,19 December 2014

Coptic and government responsibility

In the last accident that happened to the Copt who was killed with his family and their little kid in Libya by a terrorist group refers to the chaos that Libya lives in and also refers to how much the Christians are a target to all terrorist groups everywhere. However, the terrorist groups not only target Christians all over the world but anyone who is different.  

From Australia, France, Spain and Egypt, there is only one commonality between all accidents that have happened which is the terrorist group targeting all the people who are different even inside the same religion.  

But back to the Coptic suffering in Libya. After the horrible accident that had happened to the Coptic doctor, Magdy Sobhi, and his family, I believe that danger is always there for anyone to live in that unstable country especially in that time that Libya suffer from chaos. 

I don’t want to blame the victim Dr. Magdy, especially because he went to Libya with his little kids that made the situation worse but I don’t know what made him to make this hard decision to go to a dangerous country with his kids. However, the Egyptian government is responsible for anything that happens to Egyptians in the country because the government can easily prevent any Egyptians from traveling to Libya for a certain time. 

The government is responsible, and if it didn’t take any serious action towards preventing people from travelling to this country; I expect more accidents like that to happen. The country should be responsible and take firm action to protect its citizens from any possibility of risks.