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  • Friday ,19 December 2014

The miserable Copts

Monir Beshai

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Friday ,19 December 2014

The miserable Copts

In 1862,Victor Hugo wrote his novel "the miserable", which represents the French society after the ouster of Nabolion when corruption and injustice spread.

One of the characters mentioned in the novel is Jan Valgan who was sent to jail for stealing a loaf of bread to eat.

Valgan was sentenced to five years in prison, which was extended to 19 for
Several attempts to escape.

Hugo said in his novel that laws and traditions in France create a hell on earth. Indifference and poverty indeed ignited such hell!

In fact, Egypt in 2014 is very similar to France in 1862. Jan Valgan is so similar to Abdul Masih Ezzat.

Ezzat is a ten years old Coptic child who lives with his family in Bena Suef. His family is poor, but they enjoy a good reputation among their Muslim neighbors.

The child stole 5 loaves of bread to eat, but the baker handed him over to police then he was convicted giving a good example to suffering of the poor, especially the Copts in Egypt.
The miserable Copts in Egypt are true story and their suffering is but a daily fact.

I pray to God that He may save the poor from their suffering that they are no longer called miserable. Indifference and poverty indeed ignite such hell!