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  • Tuesday ,16 December 2014

Human rights and Rabaa

Mina M. Azer

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Tuesday ,16 December 2014

Human rights and Rabaa

I won’t talk today about details of the dispersal of Rabaa Adawia sit-in, as it has been searched on the both local and global levels. The Egyptian fact-finding committee and international human rights organizations agreed that Egyptian police did a good job in dealing with the armed sit-in.

However, I’m talking here about human rights that America claim to defend, but proved it’s really not. When America found out that human rights may contradict with its national security, it decided to simply ignore it, and violate human rights in its prisons, which was published before the whole world days ago. 
Our police did not violate human rights in Rabaa, but violated the rights of all Egyptian when it allowed the terrorists to smuggle their weapons and use it against police and unarmed people. Egyptian police have not ignored human rights at the time other great countries like American and London have.
Many counties shared the American violation to human rights. Yet, Americans were courage enough to face their failure to protect human rights. They don’t like it, but they have courage to face it and not to deny it. This is very important.
They announced their failure and declared their crimes and mistakes against others. I hope Egypt do the same concerning human rights. Who carried out the attack on the Saints Church? Who killed the demonstrators in Maspero? Who burned the churches during the revolution of January 25? Who is the ghost that committed so many crimes and yet is protected? We need the truth.