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  • Wednesday ,10 December 2014

Jurisprudence between innocence and death penalty

Mina M. Azer

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Wednesday ,10 December 2014

Jurisprudence between innocence and death penalty

Court sentenced more than 180 individuals to death penalty, and they were only waiting for acceptance of the Grand Mufti of Egypt to apply the judgment. The defendants had attacked Kerdasa Police station and killed its officers before they mutilate the bodies.

When you see the pictures, you may wish to repeat the judge a thousand times. Yet, why many people refused similar judgment against Mubarak? Is it because the victims of Mubarak were only shot without mutilation? No, it’s because those people believe that Mubarak didn’t do this as the revolution wouldn’t succeed so smoothly if he did.
Thus, the court found Mubarak is not guilty while those terrorists of Kerdasa are. If I were the judge, I’d do the same thing.
In fact, Mubarak was guilty in the presidential palace case, but it was canceled due to time-barred. So, Mubarak has stolen, but has not killed. In fact, he killed other people, but he will never be judged for such crime. 
On the other hand, the terrorists took videos for their victims. They deserve our wrath rather than our compassionate.