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  • Tuesday ,09 December 2014


Hind Mukhtar

Article Of The Day


Tuesday ,09 December 2014

The mother sat with an old friend to discuss her thoughts. They could buy a new luxurious apartment and two cars, but they are hoping that their two girls will marry soon. The mother was worried that her girls won’t find the proper husbands. However, the friend suggested a man for the older sister who used to live in the old neighborhood and moved to the new luxurious one as well.
The things went well and they got married in two month in a wonderful celebration. The family was also looking for a husband for the young girl among the attendees. 
The honey moon was wonderful as well, and the wife got pregnant soon. Yet, many problems appeared and sadly they got divorced. 
The woman took her child and moved back to her family, and the man went back to his family as well. Their families promised to bring much better marriage partners in the next marriage! However, the child was asking his mother: Where is my dad? I miss him so much.