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  • Friday ,21 November 2014

The Media is Part of the Problem

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,22 November 2014

The Media is Part of the Problem

We hear bad news everyday. A tragedy, something violent, or some sad news. I would like to talk about whether or not the events that are happening in Egypt are being exaggerated by the media.  

Yes, nobody can deny that tragic events happen every day, but I feel as though the media is only focusing on the negatives happening rather than having a well-rounded news portrayal. In my experience, with witnessing how the media plays into an issue, or an event, at most times I believe the media can often make a situation worse. 
Do not get me wrong. When there are bombs going off, or killings happening, there is no positive way to look at it. But when the media keeps focusing, and keeps insisting on looking at negative subjects, and negative issues, it makes the general population feel as though that these serious issues are the only thing that is happening in Egypt. 
We need the media to report the news when the news happens, yes. But it is also important for the media to recognize that is has a role in how the Egyptians view their country. When all we see on TV is the bad things that are happening, and keep pushing and pushing about those bad events, all we are going to know about what's happening downtown, or in a small village, or with the President, is what the media is telling us. 
The media needs to start looking at Egypt fully with the positives and the negatives, so that we can all see Egypt with it's good and with it's bad.