• 23:07
  • Wednesday ,19 November 2014

Rights of Egyptians or terrorists

Michel Fahmy



Wednesday ,19 November 2014

Rights of Egyptians or terrorists

Last week, the terrorists have sentenced 13 soldiers of Egyptian navy then two policemen and three soldiers. However, at the same day, anchor Hamdy Rizk discussed in his TV show the abolition of the death penalty. Of course, he meant the state and not the terrorists.

Terrorists are waging a dirty war against Egypt, and the media is busy thinking about how to help those terrorists by commutation of the penalty.

His guest, Hafez Abu Seada, said he encourages Egypt to carry out her convention concerning human rights. The other guest was Major General Mohamed Nour who responded to his claims, and defended his nation.

Hamdi Rizk claimed he has to host all different ideas ignoring we’re under attack by enemies inside and abroad. Many Egyptians lose their lives on daily basis and our national security is under attack. You can’t serve two masters. Either you support Egypt or support her enemies.

I wonder how come you accept such attacks from the terrorists and attack Egypt with them calling to the abolition of the death penalty. Dear human rights traders, not activists, stop trading on the homeland as well as blood. Moreover, why do you advocate such idea at that time?