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  • Friday ,14 November 2014

Do not be confused

By Majid Sous

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Friday ,14 November 2014

Do not be confused

According to unofficial statistics, more than four million Egyptians have become atheists since the revolution of January 25. Such horrible numbers should be taken into consideration since our community tends to believe in God. We should think about the reasons that lead so many people to disbelief in God and religions.

Indeed, we care for appearances more than anything else. This is very dangerous as it separates between the practices and invisible true believing. Such balance was meant by God since the beginning. For instance, the Coptic Orthodox Church applies many rituals and links them to heaven.

The true problem today is Judaism, which hits many churches by sticking to literalism away from the spirit. This is apparently so dangerous for our spiritual life. I mean by Judaism to worship the ritual instead of God, which was denounced by St. Paul who said in Romans 3: “Where is boasting then? It is excluded. By what law? Of works? No, but by the law of faith.”

So, it takes wise spiritual leadership that seeks first the salvation of the congregation, like Jesus Christ who broke the Sabbath when it came to men’s salvation. Many church fathers decided to make their long prayer and sermons shorter in order to make it possible for young men to attend them without boredom. Others stop the prayers every now and then in order to explain to the people what do they mean and make them live the prayers.

I remember here Abba Serabion, bishop of Los Angeles and Hawaii, who built many churches to serve our children who don’t know Arabic, and care for their salvation. Such attitude should save many people among our people from being atheists.