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  • Monday ,10 November 2014

Real Life of Egypt

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,10 November 2014

Real Life of Egypt
Yes, Few hours ago I witnessed the following.............
A young Taxi driver - within the twenties 20-26 at most- stopped by the police patrol for driving wrong way...
1. Police patrol 100% right
2. Taxi Driver 100% wrong
Taxi Driver argues and starts to fight back not only in words but physicality too meaning fighting with an officer upon his duty and soon all neighbours, store keepers or passers by join to fight to protect the aggressor who is none but the taxi driver!
Just because he is a family member, a relative, a neighbour or just some one I know I defend him even if he is WRONG! 
This is just wrong habits we all need to get rid of if we really want to rebuilt this country!
Few days ago a whole family was grilled to death in their own car, over 17 child going school among their mates in a school bus found their death roasted in the flames of that school bus! Amazingly the school bus driver survived, he jumped off the bus knowing he is about to make an accident, leaving behind the children in the bus to their destiny! And worst, the driver caused this mayhem escaped without a scratch!
The whole of Egypt is mourning those children, sad about the family burned in the flames of their car and demand more safety rules on the roads, more restrictions and a better service, but when the officer that caught a taxi driver driving the opposite direction and stops him he gets bitten!
When there is set up by the police force to catch speeding drivers, or unauthorised vehicles in general and illegal drivers spot them from far away and make a U-turn or just park any where awaiting for the police force to leave, this is a deliberate determination to resume the wrong doing and keep mayhem in our daily lives!
Traffic laws are set to protect not just our lives but public properties and general public lives; When you speed up in driving you do not just put your life at risk, but you risk to kill other innocent lives all their mistake was being in the wrong spot the wrong time!
When 3 accidents take place in one same spot, this indicates something is wrong, and rules are set prevention measures are taken but individuals just would not respect them!
The norm in life of a professional driver that has to drive heavy transport for long distances is to take drugs, and drugs are well known to destroy you proper judgement in distances and delay you re-actions resulting fatal incidents, and when authorities try to catch drivers driving under the influence of drugs, drugged drivers will used other drugs that would cover up their status as drugged!
It’s unbelievable, the country, it’s authorities, the government, the responsible people in it doing their best to improve life of the people, the people that stood firm behind them and elected them to run this country to a better life in it but this same people would not accept decisions would not co-operate and refuse orders, refuse to live in correct condition to the point they refuse safety measures, just like refusing clean healthy environment, local authorities do their best possible efforts to remove rubbish, but people still damping rubbish every where any how!
For over thirty years Egyptians lived on their own with problems no body can see them, and efforts were directed the wrong direction! No body tried to solve the overpopulation problems. New towns, not just new buildings were built to help people obtain proper housing, but mean time people had to live could not wait until this town is built they did live in the streets, and those who waited could not afford the prices, so poor people constructed their own towns with their own efforts under a bridge or in a mountain replacing roofs with plastic, wood or roofs made of tin! People who lived in poverty seeing rich people getting richer on their expense and responsible leaders busy collecting bribes to close their eyes on wrong doing!
Train manager, his duty to maintain trains in proper working conditions, but either he do not have the budget to replace overused sits, or repair the air condition in one of the trains, but he did not complain from that as long as he is collecting his whole salary! He does not have to travel in those trains to spend his annual vacation in Alexandria because he uses his own BMW car or spend his vacations in Geneva or France!
The head of public transportations as long as the number of buses in service is correct he can enjoy life regardless of the conditions of those buses and weather their tires would not explode in the middle of the road causing fatal accidents, this is not his concern and if this happens investigations will hold the mechanic responsible as he did not weld the tire properly!
Yes, we know and see that negativity that led fed up people to revolt asking for bread, freedom and social justice! But Freedom does not mean the freedom to let you die, I need a better salary, but my strike will prevent a poorer sick person from my attention leaving his/her to their fate!
In our lives hundred of abnormalities govern, increasing our suffering and not seeing the proper facts, everything is tangled with everything, we know we are at war with the terror, but this terror is not just that person holding the gun or setting up that bomb, but the guy that provided him with that gun and bomb, and the guys that financed them both and those who lead him to the weak points and those who employed them all and why they did that what the real target behind all that!
Yes, this is not my field, I’m not a solder, or the intelligence officer, neither the head quarters of police or the governor, I’m just a guy that feels ashamed when I see a tourist can not find a proper sit in the train, or has the A/C dripping on his head during his journey to visit Cairo!
So where is the exit? How to rebuilt this country that I love so much? Is it only me that rebuilds or all true real Egyptians who love it as well? I have my problems and you do have your own problems, but we both voted we love this country we need to rebuilt it and make it really stand back on its feet, I can not force you to stop dumping rubbish on the street, but I CAN stop this nasty habit, I can not force you to quit drugs, but I can seek treatment for my drug addiction, I can not force you to respect traffic rules, but I can respect them, I can weak up earlier 1/2 an hour to drive properly to my work.
Fellow Egyptians, the one thousand miles trip starts just with 1 step, that is simply Start By Yourself!
The way is long, problems are endless, but keep in mind this is the country that God Blessed, may God keep Blessing you and Keep blessing Egypt!