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  • Thursday ,16 October 2014

Dialogue with a man

Hind Mukhtar

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Thursday ,16 October 2014

Dialogue with a man

I can't understand men anymore. I've tried really hard, but I failed. He was so sad smoking his cigarette. "What's wrong with you?" I asked a friend.

I had a fight with my wife, He said. I wondered: So what?
She doesn't understand me? She's stupid and somber.

Well, what happened?

I regret I married her. I should have married my girlfriend, but she was too crazy for me also. She had too many friends and traveled a lot. Yet, my current wife is stupid and  I don't even feel love her anymore.
What did she do?

I just traveled for three days without telling anybody. I needed to be alone. When I came back, I realized she reported me missing in the police station. She is so stupid!!

I had to leave him with no comment before losing my mind! men!!