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  • Tuesday ,30 September 2014

Another worker dies in ‘New Suez Canal’ project; death toll up to 3


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Tuesday ,30 September 2014

Another worker dies in ‘New Suez Canal’ project; death toll up to 3

A worker in the ‘New Suez Canal’ project has died while digging, making him the third worker to die during project excavation in September, Ibrahim Allam, a medical team staff member on-site confirmed to The Cairo Post Sunday.

“The worker fell in after a part of the cliff he was standing on collapsed,” Allam said. As for the two workers who previously died, one of them fell from a loader and the other was accidentally run over by a truck.
The first worker was a 24-year-old who died nearly two weeks ago. He was working for one of the contracting companies of the Sinai Arab tribes, which represent most of the contracting companies working on the project.
Workers have life insurance, as coordinated with insurance companies and the armed forces, which is overseeing the project. “His family received 100,000 EGP ($13,966) as compensation,” the on-site spokesperson of the Arab Tribes Youth, Salah Daoud, told The Cairo Post.
Over 100,000 workers from all Egyptian governorates have moved to the site of the project and are working day and night to achieve the dry excavation of the canal extension in just a few months.