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  • Friday ,05 September 2014

What’s The Worst? (Part l)

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,07 September 2014

What’s The Worst? (Part l)

As I watch what’s happening in Iraq and Syria, I can’t help but feel anger within my heart towards the Islamic Fundamentalists. I can honestly say that I hate them. 


Look at what they are doing to not only Christians, but to their own citizens! Lining up groups of people and killing them. Beheading journalists to send a “message.” Killing innocent children in the name of Allah. 


Who is this Allah? And how can there be Muslims who say they are ashamed of ISIS and Daash because this is not the real truth to Islam. How can there be so many people terrorizing the innocent, and so many Muslims against it? 


When I think about the fundamentalists in Christianity, for example, the Crusades, I think about maybe 10% of the Christian population as being fundamentalists, and terrorizing innocent people. However, when I think of Islamic population and the number of extremists, that percentage rises to about 40%. I could be totally off base, but I believe that my estimation is accurate, all things considered. 


How can there be that many extremists? Furthermore, according to the “moderate” Muslims, how can there be that many people misunderstanding the Quran? I honestly think it is the other way around. I believe that the fundamentalists in Islam are understanding their teachings correctly, and the Allah they believe in is teaching them to kill all the unbelievers. The Muslims who are condemning the these acts of terror, I believe, are not understanding their teachings correctly.


What leads me to believe this? The fact that there are so many crazy extremists leads me to believe this. The fact that there are so many groups who are devoted to creating an all Islamic state leads me to believe this. The fact that there are a groups of people running around like brainwashed dogs obeying their leader killing with no mercy leads me to believe this.