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  • Monday ,28 July 2014

Last day

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,28 July 2014

Last day

This article will be available on May 26th. The first day of presidential election most likely will read it afar you had voted or boycotted presidential elections but there would be a second chance the following day the very LAST DAY!

I’m not writing this to tell you what to do or advise you to vote for a specific candidate this is against all human laws of freedom of opinion, freedom of choice, and above all your own personal freedom, however I see it  necessary to tell Boycotters a few facts before too late.

I understand, a lot of today’s youth and young people have never seen true happiness or enjoyed a really happy moment, all their miseries made them loose faith in everything and everyone and bottom line they will trust no candidate to alter their miseries into happiness so they decided to BOYCOT!

Fine I’m really sorry and have pity for your misery, but I cannot make it disappear from your life neither make it forgotten it but I can tell you the following:-

Today, you have two choices which are:

1. Change for a better life or

2. Keep living in your misery

Really the choice is yours, you free to choose what you already decided which was boycott elections or in other terms no to vote for any candidate; that is either you do not trust those candidate can give you a better life or you do not care! Why care for whom and for what? In this country since your birth you’ve seen but miseries to hell with this country!

If really this is your thoughts then why you stay in it? Why keep living in this HELL? Just go away, we Egyptians do not need you just like you did reject us we reject you too! Just remember the following, Boycotting means to me you have no opinion, being without opinion means brainless, we do not need brainless people around we need creativity and creative brains!

Once again Boycotting means to me you did surrender and gave up all your civil rights, so never criticize any thing you gave up this right, see wrong doing and shut your eyes and keep your mouth shut you do not belong to us Egyptians who decided to fight back never surrender! It simply means you decided to keep living in your own misery, but this time the choice was yours!

On the other hand you still have the choice for a better life, either team up with the majority who will elect and back up the future president whoever he is, or join the opposition voting for the looser who will eventually become the opposition! Either case, you still have a chance for a better life, Egypt at the moment is like a bus stack in the mud and needs all passengers in the bus to step down and push the bus off the mud, if you do not push then you stay forever in this mud!

The republicans won the elections in the states not because republicans voted but just because Democratic voters BOYCOTED ELECTIONS, and in general bad politicians allover the world were elected by good people who do not vote!!!!!!!!!!

Before ending my today’s word knowing it is not the last day but probably my last chance to say  thank you M. President Adly Mansur you never asked to be president and never run after the presidency sit but you found yourself forced to be a president and sit on that sit, so you sat and did a fine job, you were and remain a proud for Egypt may God Bless you and keep blessing you for whatever you will do in the future after the people vote for the new president.

M. the President you will be the 1st.ever Egyptian president who freely steps down to let another president lead the country! You wrote your history in golden letters!

May the power of love overcome the love of power so that the word finds peace!

Peace be with you all and may God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians.