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  • Tuesday ,15 July 2014

At your service Gaza

Mina M. Azer

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Tuesday ,15 July 2014

At your service Gaza

Out of sympathy, the ousted president Mohamed Morsy cried out at his prison, At your service Gaza. He remembers when he was in power and was able to bring the fighting parties together to negotiating table. He was able then to convince Hamas to recognize their acts against Israel is hostile acts, not acts of resistance.

He was able to reach armistice between his fighting friends. Thus, he wishes to be in power today to play the same game once again.

I believe Israel wouldn’t have attacked Gaza if Morsy was in power as the Muslim Brotherhood would have convinced the fighting parties to stop fighting.

I wonder how come he promises to serve Gaza when he has never gone there to fight with its heroes!  

In fact, Hamas has fought for the Muslim Brotherhood when it brought its leaders out of the Egyptian prisons. How would you serve Gaza today when you have never served her when you were in power?

Morsy knows that Gaza is not too far from his friends in Daash and Ansar Beit al-Maqdis. However, they always miss their target and attack Egypt and its army. They promise to destroy Egypt’s army before they liberate Jerusalem! They attack Sinai and forget about Israel attacking Gaza. In short, we are willing to serve Egypt and Palestine, and may Hamas go to hell.