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  • Friday ,11 July 2014


Magdy Malak

Article Of The Day


Sunday ,13 July 2014


Anyone who has common sense can’t help but condemn what’s happening in Gaza right now. Especially seeing the kids being killed everyday without any reason, but the question is, who’s responsible for this war? Hamas has gotten used to launching rockets on Israel and Israel has the right to defend itself. 

Hamas has always tried to put Arabs in a critical situation. They start the war and then ask all Arabs to defend it, but I ask, how!!? Hamas is not a responsible movement because if it was a responsible movement, it would not start this chaos and then let the kids, women, and older people suffer.

Hamas has no interest in any real peace because peace means that Hamas will end. Hamas would never accept peace, because that means the end for them and no more surviving by the blood of the innocent victims.

I can understand that Israel is a very harsh country, and it is not easy to stop the war now, especially after Hamas hit Tel Aviv with rockets, but if Hamas stopped to tread in the Palestine issue and search for a real and peaceful solution, we could then say that there is hope to end this war not just for now but in the long run.

The international community should play an important role in this process and not allow the American Election season have any influence, because every time we hear just about peace talks when the American election is close. I hope to stop this game and to try to start a real peace process that could lead to a real solution for this war.