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  • Tuesday ,08 July 2014

My free and developed university

Medhat Bishay

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Tuesday ,08 July 2014

My free and developed university

In the last days of Dr. Hussein Kamel Bahaa El-Din, former Minister of Education, he decided that each school should write this slogan on its doors: "my school is nice, clean, sophisticated and productive"

Thus, each school principle invented many slogans to describe his pretty school. It doesn't matter if the school is a mess and never teaches the students.
Since the time of Mubarak till the disastrous rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, our universities suffered from the greatest share of administrative, scientific and educational failure.
Now, we need free and independent universities. Such freedom can't be achieved by expelling the university guards giving a chance to professors of the Muslim Brotherhood to raise flags of Rabaa Adawia on the door of the Faculty of Economics. This happened at the greatest university in Egypt, Cairo University.
I remind those professors of the great professors who took their offices before them like Dr. Ahmed Lotfy al-Sayed who resigned in protest against persecuting Dr. Taha Hussein and to demand freedom at the university.
Mars 9th movement has sent a message to president Abdul Fattah al-Sisi saying: "in 1994, the parliament passed a law to allow the state to intervene in the universities. The problem is that law was passed by less than 50 MPs. Members of this movement are trying to establish a strong political party in Egypt but I doubt they would.