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  • Monday ,14 April 2014

Campaign spokesperson: Sabbahi's electoral platform concluded


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Monday ,14 April 2014

Campaign spokesperson: Sabbahi's electoral platform concluded

Electoral platform of presidntial hopeful Hamdeen Sabbahi has been concluded, according to electoral campaign spokesperson Maasoum Marzouq.

In a talk show aired on the privately-owned Dream 2 TV channel, Marzouq said even if Sabbahi did not have a platform, his CV, clear stances on important issues and history are enough to be witness. His platform, he said, advocates for the poor and marginalized of society, works on solutions for political and economic problems as well as the eradication of terrorism through development and dialogue.
Sabbahi's campaign also works on youth empowerment as it is mostly formed by youth and is led by Hossam Moenes, who is 28 years old.
Sabbahi came in third place in the last presidential elections in 2012.