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  • Friday ,11 April 2014

Judicial source: Two police officers not terrorists

By-Almasry Alyoum

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Friday ,11 April 2014

Judicial source: Two police officers not terrorists

A judicial source close to the investigations of the two police officers, charged with tampering with evidence, told MENA that the defendants were not suspected of having terrorist affiliations.

The officers were detained for 15 days pending investigations for allegedly keeping weapons that were seized during a police operation, MENA reported.
A security source at the Interior Ministry official had earlier claimed that two police officers from Matareya Police Station had also joined an armed terrorist group.
The source explained in a statement on Wednesday evening that the the two officers were referred to the public prosecutor over manipulating seizures that included firearms caught in the possession of defendants.
The officers kept the seizures without taking legal action so they were suspended and referred to interrogation, according to the source. The prosecutor ordered their detention pending investigation.