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  • Tuesday ,08 April 2014

Erdogan and the National Democratic Party

Mina M. Azer

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Tuesday ,08 April 2014

Erdogan and the National Democratic Party

The Turkish Prime Minister believes that his victory in the recent municipal elections in his country is but a victory for the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt! In fact, he can do even more and feel so proud as he got even more votes than he got before the latest corruption scandals and his dictatorial decisions such as banning Youtube and Twitter. 

If Erdogan sees his victory as a victory for Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood who ruined Egypt in one year and cause her deterioration and shame, let him allow the Muslim Brotherhood to rule Turkey. He insists on using Rabaa Adawia's sign to irritate us, the Egyptians. Yet, his people should be more irritated with such disappointing results of their elections.
Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood are only powerful when their opposition is weak. This opposition only seeks its own glory and interests and ignore the greater ones.
Again, Erdogan forgot that Hitler, Mussolini and Mubarak came to power through ballot boxes. They had forged elections and has corruption. Would he ever get the message?
Your religious regime decreases freedom of speech and increases freedom of prostitution. How can you imagine that you're going to restore an Islamic Caliphate this way? If Turkey is going to manipulate the Egyptian internal matter, it's the time to boycotted the Turkish products and merchants in order to save Egypt.