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  • Tuesday ,08 April 2014

Sit-in against protest law outside presidential palace begins


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Tuesday ,08 April 2014

Sit-in against protest law outside presidential palace begins

Activists from April 6 and a number of political groups have started an open ended sit-in in front of the presidential palace in reaction to Monday's court verdict which upheld the three-year jail sentence and LE50,000 fine of prominent activists Ahmed Maher, Mohamed Adel, and Ahmed Douma. 

Shaimaa Hamdy, head of the communications office of Way of the Revolution Front, told Ahram Arabic website that activists are preparing for an open-ended sit-in until the verdict is reversed and the protest law, which the activists have been jailed for violating, is cancelled. 
Aside from April 6 activists protesting in front of the presidential palace, Douma's wife, Nourhan Hefzy, is also present along with activists Sanaa Seif, Mona Seif, Hossam Moenes, Laila Swaif, Salma Saed and Rasha Azab, according to Ahram Arabic.
April 6 spokesman Khaled El-Masry told Al-Ahram's Arabic news website that his group refuses Monday's verdict, which he accused of being "politicised".
The three activists have been detained since December after they were arrested for violating a contentious protest law which bans all demonstrations not pre-approved by authorities.