• 12:03
  • Sunday ,14 February 2010


By-Christian American Coptic

Short But Not Sweet


Sunday ,14 February 2010


Few years ago  this incident happened in Los Angelos  at 1992 a black man his name Rodney king has a criminal  record ,American police officers  suspected may be he committed a crime drugs or else and  one of these police officer or  more i did not  remember attacked this black man and hit him ,in same time somebody from public he has video camera and he took a pictures  of  this accident ,finally the authorities here in America arrested these police officers and compensated this black man for $2,000.000.00 (black criminal man) i do not think same thing will happened to (Christian Copts ) in Egypt if he has same incident from egyptian police officer and remember also American people elected last year Barak Husain Obama (black man from minorities ) i do not think also egyptian people one day will elect  a Christian Copts man to be president of Egypt.