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  • Monday ,10 March 2014


J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,10 March 2014


I pointed out few weeks back how much I love arts all kinds of art from singing and dancing to sculptures and painting including acting and theatre. In fact arts is the fourth dimension in our life that inspires us with all great invention; first time I saw or heard of a telephone conversation were each side could see the other side and directly talk to the screen was in a science fiction movie with aliens in start wars, this is now widely spread over the internet new communication facilities known as Skype and new mobiles now offer this facility!

So arts is not just pure imagination but was and still a way to criticise certain events or expose facts that can be viewed from more than an angle, and the development of news press and media in news networks are just an example of arts impact in our daily life! In old times a newspaper would employ artists to paint certain events way before the new never used before device called camera! When still photography was introduced the so called paparazzi –annoying reporters invading the privacy of individuals- start making its first steps, this is still going on with spies and intelligence who keep invading our privacy! But in fact all that is just an outcome of the impact of arts in our life!
So if art is so important then the war on it should take huge steps; that was my first impression when the new amendment imposed by the Military Council after ex-president Mubarak stepped down on February 2011 paved the grounds for Muslim Brotherhood taking over Egypt, their first law was about blasphemy which was imposed on Christians and brutally convicted victims while closed its eyes on people who tore, and burnt the bible! The first victim was the Actor Adel Imam who exposed the infuriated mentality of those extremists in more than a movie, this to me was a 1st pointer to the bad intentions of Muslim Brotherhood towards arts, why? They do not want or need publicity over their wickedness!
Let us go back to sculpture and the all times famous Michelangelo Sculptor briefly introducing him as in Wikipedia :-  Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, commonly known as Michelangelo, was an Italian sculptor, painter, architect, poet, and engineer of the High Renaissance who exerted an unparalleled influence on the development of Western art. He designed the Sistine Chapel ceiling in it we have the famous “Creation of Adams” and “Last Judgment of Moses” and many more paintings full of “Nudity” that Muslim Brotherhood and some modern Christian Pastors would condemn as profanity! Indecent exposure and want actors and artists to be according to their standards! I saw a portion of program that hosted actress Marwa being squeezed for accepting to star in “Feelings” a scene taking shower like if she did that on a public place forcing her to admit it was a SIN, same what happened with the famous actress Elham Shahin that was named as a public whore showing a complete ignorance not knowing the difference between acting and real life that even Egyptian courts rejected and punished this wickedness!
In this aspect I would love to point out the great Egyptian Serial that was on National TV late eighties and still a great historical point to our national heroes that one of them was Raafat El Hagan, I was still living in Egypt when 1st parts of it were aired but never till this moment saw its end and I was amazed when reviewing portions of it analyzing events –historical events took place in Egypt 1954- when immigration of Jews to the new promised land started! Muslim Brotherhood and Jews trying to burn down CAIRO listening to the dialogue of the intelligence officer in this serial I felt for a moment this is what is happening NOW this very moment in Egypt not 1954, but 2014 over 60 years later events are repeated is it because as claimed some ago by Muslim Brotherhood preachers history repeats itself that Eng. Ezzat Boulos responded to it with an article couple of years back and commented on it saying “No history does not repeat itself but human repeat their mistakes hopping for better results” in fact then I had overseen the famous say of ex-minister of Israeli defence said:- Arabs do not read history and if they do they do not understand!  
So true if this is a fact due to lack of education –ignorance- how can you read? Or malicious misinterpretation then how can we expect learning from past mistakes? And on the other hand if out enemy knows this fact then he can easily expect repeating failed attempts might reach better results if mistakes are avoided! This is the theory our enemy uses when constantly repeats his failed attemps!
People of Egypt for God’s sake hands of Arts, and learn educate and understand you very own history!
As usual let pray God that the Power Of LOVE overcomes the Love of POWER so that world will know PEACE!
Peace be with you all and May God keep Blessing Egypt and Egyptians!