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  • Wednesday ,05 March 2014

Demonstrations mark first day in office of Mahlab government


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Wednesday ,05 March 2014

Demonstrations mark first day in office of Mahlab government

During his first day in office on Sunday, Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab found himself surrounded by demonstrations in front of the Cabinet.

Employees of the Ministry of Housing demanded the salary increment they were promised after being appointed to higher posts by Mahlab, who held the position of housing minister in the previous Cabinet.
The employees claimed that when they demanded the salary increment, they were notified that the decision of their promotions had been suspended.
Besides, victims of the revolution demonstrated in front of the Cabinet to ask the prime minister for a permanent pension and provide them with houses.
Residents of the Cairo district Ezbet el-Nakhl demonstrated as well, to demand new houses after the government destroyed their houses in the context of a national project past month, which led to the displacement of 85 families that have no place to live.
Furthermore, an association of nurses demonstrated in front of Health Ministry, close to the Cabinet, to demand a cadre for nurses, applying the minimum wage, raise risk allowances and dismiss the head of the central directorate of nursing at the ministry.