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  • Tuesday ,04 March 2014

The ouster of Morsi and slaughtering Copts in Egypt

By-ABDEL FATAH-Cairopost



Tuesday ,04 March 2014

The ouster of Morsi and slaughtering Copts in Egypt

The only logical explanation for the massacres against Copts in the Arab Ruin (Spring) states and the imposition of Jizya, a protection fee, on them is that there is a heinous conspiracy to stir a sectarian war, not only between Christians and Muslims, but also between all sects.

Daesh, an Al-Qaeda affiliated organization seeking an Islamic state in Iraq and Syria, imposed Jizya on Christians in Syria’s Raqqa governorate. Seven Egyptian Christians were “slaughtered” in Libya by terrorists affiliated with Dalem, an organization seeking an Islamic state in Libya and Egypt.
Murder and Jizya are of the “terrorist” Muslim Brotherhood’s basics, which has revealed its ugly face since the ouster of Mohamed Morsi, their delegate at the Ithadeya palace.
We all have to remember the demands of the Brotherhood’s leaders to impose Jizya on Egypt’s Copts. We should not forget that the slaughter of the Copts started at the hands of the terrorist groups that stemmed from the Brotherhood, founded by Hassan al-Banna. We have evidence and proof to support this. The latest of their crimes were those of Daesh and Dalem in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Egypt.
The banned organization of the Brotherhood pandered for years to the Copts for the sake of the United States and the West. But this hypocrisy did not last long, as they considered that Copts contributed to their removal from office in 2013.
Therefore, Copts bore the brunt of a series of fierce attacks led by extremist Islamists, such as attacking churches and homes of Copts, forcibly displacing them to strike fear in their hearts in an attempt to lay the foundation stone of an Islamic state.
Religious persecution of Copts amounted to preventing them from casting their votes during the 2012 presidential elections, especially in its run off between Morsi and Ahmed Shafiq, fearing they would vote for the latter.
It is necessary to emphasize that the Copts will remain a target for the group, since they accuse Copts of being the reason behind Morsi’s ouster, and thus they should take revenge by killing and slaughtering them and burning down their churches, not only in Egypt, but in all states of the Arab Ruin.
The Brotherhood has Egypt’s Copts in their list of slaughter and killing, a list that includes media, judiciary, military and police personnel. The leading figure of the Brotherhood Azza al-Garf, known as Umm Ayman, expressed the group’s hatred toward Copts when she tweeted “how do you congratulate Christians on their feast when the blood of your Muslim brothers has not dried on their hands yet?”