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  • Friday ,28 February 2014

Gentlemen, have mercy!

By-Madonna Shaker

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Friday ,28 February 2014

Gentlemen, have mercy!

As we wait for any sign of hope that helps us restore our confidence in the government, we can’t find but negligence and underestimation for all Egyptian blood shed for no good reason, especially the Copts. They are killed for no reason but their Christian faith. Recently, 7 Coptic Christians have been brutally killed in Libya after killers made sure they are Christians. However, Egyptian officials, as usual, were ready to make excuses for the killers claiming the attackers are no racist!

The people in Egypt claim they seek freedom, democracy and change, but they can not have any of there because of their fanatic and retarded minds. This should hinder any possible change. Furthermore, democracy is basically a way of thinking as well as practices. This way, the Egyptian people are far from democracy as well as a better life. 
Last week, a Christian family was slain in Alexandria. Investigations were opened and decent results were expected by the officials. However, the investigators said that the wife used to have an affair with son of the housekeeper who decided to kill the husband and get rid of him. After killing the husband and his sister, the young lover lost his mind and killed his mistress and her 10 years old child as well! They had to defame the wife in a fake story after she was brutally slain along with her family!
Gentlemen, have mercy on us! Stop trying to make fun of us and show some respect for our minds. Law has to be applied in order to have a decent country in Egypt. Moreover, rights of the minorities have to be respected, or else we will never live in a democratic country.
Serious investigations have to be carried out concerning killing seven Coptic Christian citizens in Libya. Terrorists and killers should be punished instead of giving them many excuses to kill the Copts. Additionally, no body should talk about equality and national unity until the law is applied and respected in Egypt. 
The wronged Egyptians should receive their rights in order to improve Egypt and have a real change and make a difference.