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  • Thursday ,27 February 2014

Coptic coffins are back

Asasi Abdul Hamid

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Thursday ,27 February 2014

Coptic coffins are back

A Coptic Christian friend told me that he used to work in the Eastern Province of the Saudi Arabia. He said that many times did he have to hide his faith in order to live in peace, especially when his colleagues started taking pride of their faith and curse the Jews and Christians. 

He had to fast during the holy month of Ramadan and ignore many insults to his faith. Furthermore, once he had to pray in a mosque with people cursing Christians and their faith in their prayers! In fact, he was lucky that his name didn’t reveal his real identity, or else he would have suffered even more.
Yesterday, seven Coptic Christians were killed in Libya for nothing but their Christian faith and Coptic identity. Jihadists have killed them hoping to please their god and get a nice place in heaven near Prophet Mohamed. It’s stated clearly in the holy Quran that Muslims should fight the infidels who do not believe in god or Islam until they pay the tribute in humiliation. 
Those terrorists and their supporters who hurt anybody who doesn’t share their faith are but sick people with sick minds. They believe that god has created Jews and Christians to serve them and is going to forgive their sins no matter how great they are! They only have to pray and worship in order to receive all his blessings!
It is the responsibility of ours as well as the international community to do something. We have to work hard in order to heal millions of patients and rehabilitate them. We have to find a way to make them feel and think like human beings. We have to drain the sources of terrorism starting with the Wahhabi movement that incite killing and hatred crimes like the very recent massacre against the Copts in Libya.