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  • Wednesday ,26 February 2014

Copts facing the arrogance of the bishops

Michel Fahmy

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Wednesday ,26 February 2014

Copts facing the arrogance of the bishops

Among waves of conflicts and disputes, the Holy Synod, headed by H.H. Pope Tawadros II, has issued the new Pope election regulation. Then, it was sent to the Presidency for approval. 

Some people may ask: Why did the Holy Synod have such conflict and disputes among the bishops? Simply because some of them prefer the old regulation with slight changes in terms of expanding the voters list. This team refuses to correct the situation in accordance with the patristic tradition and the laws of the church.
This team also prefers to allow the bishops, who had already been ordained by lying of hands, to receive the ordination once more. They stick to the fad of the three papers altar lot, which nullifies the whole electoral process! 
On the other hand, there is another team that adheres to the ecclesiastical laws and patristic traditions rejecting the altar lot knowing that the blessings of the Holy Spirit comes with love and peace, not hypocrisy and conspiracies. Furthermore, the altar lot was brought to action by the General Intelligence.
In fact choosing an alternate to Judas Iscariot hasn’t followed the same procedures. Additionally, it doesn’t fit the 21st century. 
However, the clergy decided to stick to the altar lot ignoring the will of the people. Do we need a rebel movement in the church to avoid such arrogance of the bishops?