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  • Monday ,24 February 2014

Victims or…?

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,24 February 2014

Victims or…?

I was planning to talk about arts in our life but as events develop and we had a big tragedy this week I need to express my regrets and condolences for the people that died either out of negligence or miscalculations or unexpected circumstances victims or plotters or just humans that lost their lives so rest in peace.

Why I decided to write in this subjects, it happens every day every where in the world mishaps negligence, unexpected events, storms whatever that causes tragedies and deaths we regret the deaths express our condolences investigate the circumstances to learn from our errors and avoid them in the future and life goes on, not in Egypt and not when there is an undeclared civil war and a declared one on terrorism! Not when some residents in Egypt that can’t be named Egyptians when their loyalty is elsewhere, keep killing true Egyptians targeting military and security officers including passing by victims; not to talk of real declared terrorists that the Egyptian Army chases all-over Egypt; terrorists that are going to free Jerusalem in Palestine killing Egyptian Army officers in Sinai, I re-iterate for confirmation it is free of errors Egyptian Army officers in Sinai not in Palestine or near Jerusalem neither Jews or Israeli guys residing there! Those well identified individuals are in a declared war as terrorists, as for the traitors and residents of Egyptian grounds their loyalty else where I can not identify USA or UK or just who has more money to pay for their loyalty. Those are unidentified individuals fighting the undeclared civil war causing more and more atrocities and not just in Egypt but everywhere in this world I see them in Ukraine, like I saw them in Iraq, I saw them in Italy yet in Tibet, it is the new generation of wars, the times when Alexander the great would ride his horse and conquer Paresis land had gone forever no Army will ever raid and occupy lands like the German Army did with France, those times had gone forever too, there is a new card in the game called politics! And politics to make straight and simple means as long as my interests are the same as yours we are allies but when the road splits and decisions taken MY INTERESTS first and I do not know you!
Back to the tragedy of last week, 8 victims died R.I.P. but when I see people announce this tragedy blaming it to the Army negligence and irresponsibility of the police that did not bother to move to save lives I start doubting and asking the following question:-
1. Why the Army is accounted as negligent when some youngsters decided to take an adventure?
2. How you got to know about the incident and police response?
3. If the victims could call you and inform you why they did not call S.O.S to the authorities?
A lot more questions rise on top of them who are you to Judge Army negligence or Police response and on top of them HOW YOU GOT TO KNOW OF THE INCIDENT?
In normal circumstances none of this questions impose itself, we all try to understand what happen to avoid future similar mistakes, but in ground zero, where so many wars and conspiracies around we need to be very alerted and scrutinize every thing; we need to find answers first before Judging!
The theory
I excite few inexperienced young guys saying:- Tourism faces challenges in Egypt and it is a main income to the Egyptian economy we need to do something about it, we had a set back with the explosion of the bus of the Korean tourists, what if we attempt to explore new grounds in Sinai? Think of the publicity when we are done, it will show the word new grounds young Egyptians opened might give a huge push to the TOURISM!
Young inexperienced guys full of enthusiasm go ahead overseeing all dangers and in challenge with them! The disaster strikes and the well prepared plot starts attacking Army negligence and Police irresponsibility – the two main targets of all undergoing wars with TERRORISM!
Bottom line those young guys were victims of this plot, but is Muslim Brotherhood the plotter that proved time after time how much narrow minded they are committing same mistakes time after time? No way, plot like that needs intelligence, hi resources and a lot of information on the nature of Sinai not available to common people or people who never lived in Sinai! All you need is little imagination and plan ahead send the guys to their destiny if they made it no big deal but if they fail here we have some bread on the table and a lot to do! 
I demand a full complete investigation the guys died –R.I.P. - we can not bring them back to life but we need to know how the idea started, who planed for it and what was its purpose? Answering those questions might show a lot of hidden hands that need to be eliminated for the safety and security of Egypt, and like the enemies of Egypt upon the 1956 Suez Canal war said:- Egypt’s fall will instantly end Algerian war, we would had never let go of Tunis or Maroco!
 Egypt was, is and remains the dynamo of the region when it falls darkness will cover the region any thing goes that is why God only blessed Egypt and it people who will keep the dynamo on and on for the world to see the truth, till the power of love overcomes the love of power so earth will know peace, peace of the Lord be with you all!