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  • Tuesday ,18 February 2014

Between Sisi and Sabahi

Gergis Wahib

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Tuesday ,18 February 2014

Between Sisi and Sabahi
However Hamdeen Sabahi is a patriot man who played an important role in overthrowing the regime of the Muslim Brotherhood, he can’t be the upcoming president of Egypt. Such office is in bad need for a skillful politician, no less than a former minister or governor. Yet, Sabahi was no more than a member of the parliament. I see Sabahi as a governor of Sinai under the upcoming president Abdul Fatah al-Sisi.

There is a great man who did such a great job to complete the road map called Amr Moussa. This man was able to lead the fifty members committee and achieve the best Egyptian constitution in years though tons of disputes and arguments. He is a significant politician who worked as Egypt’s Minister of Foreign Affairs for a considerable period and the Secretary General of the Arab League for years. However, he decided not to run for the presidency as he respects the consensus around Field Marshal al-Sisi. I believe that Moussa will also take over an important office in the new government.

Field Marshal Abdul Fatah al-Sisi has taken over many important offices as a skillful leader and politician. He came up at a significant moment in the Egyptian history. Thus, he is going to join great names like Ahmose, Saad Zaghloul, and Gamal Abdel Nasser. He saved Egypt at the right time from the worst president in its history who was about to give away Egyptian land, water and history as well. 

Soon, we would have seen terrorists all over Egypt as senior officials. Al-Sisi saved Egypt as it was almost lost, so, millions of Egyptians extremely love him as a great hero.

I tell Mr. Hamdeen Sabahi, you are currently being used by enemies of Egypt and its revolution. You shouldn’t continue this game, but start supporting Egypt. Dividing the Egyptian unity at such critical time won’t satisfy you and history won’t forget!