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  • Friday ,14 February 2014

Egyptian media and agents are failing!

Michel Fahmy

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Friday ,14 February 2014

Egyptian media and agents are failing!
I would not stop warning against the conspiracies against Egypt, especially after the revolution of June 30. Such conspiracies are mainly supported by media, which targets our minds. They mainly aim at destroying Egypt and its institutions including army, police and judiciary. They also use inexperienced or dishonest young people to spread depression and despair among the people.
Such plans aim to punish the Egyptian people for ruining the Zionist scheme to divide the Middle East. Airing the program of Bassem Youssef on MBC Egypt channel, which challenge many Egyptians and mock their symbols as well as underestimating them. It was discussed on Tahrir TV with many guests who couldn’t refute the program and, apparently, supported this deception. It was attended by many public figures like Mohamed Hassanein Heikal, Mustafa Hijazi, Yasser Rizk, Farida Shoubashi, and Emad Gad.
Another conspiracy is carried out by Saad Eddin Ibrahim, who promised the Egyptian people that it is impossible to eliminate the Muslim Brotherhood because they are an active political faction working in Egypt for decades!
The same message was sent by the traitor Hassa Nafaa who announced an initiative to reconcile with the Muslim Brotherhood and give those killers the opportunity to manipulate our country and minds.
Other TV channels like AJC headed by Dalia Ziada, in collaboration with the Organization of the American Jewish Committee sent similar poisonous messages. Dalia is a disciple of the Zionist Daniel Ibekos, who is an important member in the organization. This channel is sending another message that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is but a trivial that should not affect the historical relationship between the Egyptians and the Jews, and that Tel Aviv is the best country in the region that practices democracy.
However, the most frustrating program is presented by Gaber Karmoty who is keen on exposing the disadvantages and problems in Egypt.
In short, most private televisions are applying this frustrating plan, in addition to some newspapers like “Shorouk” and “The People”.