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  • Thursday ,13 February 2014

Rebel team

Mina M. Azer

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Thursday ,13 February 2014

Rebel team

In order to understand why Rebel movement was divided over which candidate to support for presidency, especially after Hamdin Sabahi decided to run for president, we have to think about the beginning of the movement. It started aiming to eliminate the dictatorship of the Muslim Brotherhood and overthrow former president Mohamed Morsy. It was such a huge threat that required all people to unite.

At that time, everybody decided to forget about their differences and arguments in order to achieve this goal. Everybody worked together in harmony like a football team.
The movement was formed from all currents of the Egyptian society and united them aiming to achieve that goal and win their battle. In fact, Morsy had great credit in achieving such unity that brought millions of the Egyptians in the streets forcing the army to support their fair demands. 
However, the cause for such unity has gone by overthrowing Morsy, and the people seem to forget about the interests of their country and remember only about their differences. This may cause them to lose their battle and destroy their country. Members of “Rebel team” have to wake up before their homeland is lost.