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  • Friday ,07 February 2014

Is he Egypt’s Foreign Minister?

Michel Fahmy

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Friday ,07 February 2014

Is he Egypt’s Foreign Minister?

Qatar has exceed all limits by supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, America and Israel. It keeps insulting Egypt, its people and army through its news network Aljazira in Arabic and English languages. Furthermore, it supports enemies of Egypt like Sheikh Qaradawi and grant them a Qatari citizenship in order to protect them.

Those enemies incite the soldiers to revolt against their leaders, and incite the people to kill the soldiers. Moreover, they financially support such conspiracies against Egypt by billions of dollars. Such money was used to bribe anchors and activists in Egypt, who claim to defend human rights, but completely forgot about Egypt’s rights.
Therefore, the Egyptian people are extremely angry for the continues insults of this tiny country and the suspicious consent and subordination of all Egyptian officials, especially Mr. Nabil Fahmy, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt who ignored the popular will to ‪close the Qatari Al Jazeera satellite channel and expel the Qatari ambassador.
After Sheikh Qaradawi had denounced the support of Arab countries to Egypt, those countries have taken harsh reactions and threatened to expel the Qatari ambassador for such un acceptable intervention. However, Egypt’s Minister of Foreign Affairs announced that Egypt can not cut relations with an Arabic and Islamic country like Qatar!
Let all arabic and Islamic countries rejoice as they can insult Egypt, incite against its army and conspire against her as much as they want without being punished or even have the relations cut with Egypt!