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  • Thursday ,16 January 2014

Islamist model without authority

By-KAMAL HABIB-Cairopost



Thursday ,16 January 2014

Islamist model without authority

I wrote before about the models’ conflict, and I said yes, there is Islamist model; Islam sets a system for life and gives it different meaning from the material and worldly system.

It has its perceptions about the ruling principles of the model: for example, justice is the main value in it and it is the supreme value that we should understand through it the other major values like freedom, equality, which are the supreme values in the western liberal capitalistic model and the western Marxist socialist model.
The Islamist model is a necessarily humane model that honors the human and considers his dignity one of its purposes. It also considers his freedom and choosing as a purpose for it “We have honored the children of Adam and carried them by land and sea”, all the children of Adam, this greatest creature who carried the trustee and message of Allah to the land for construction and succession.
The Islamist model is based on the solidarity and brotherhood: protecting the weak, defending the oppressed and the engaging between the rich and poor. The people are partners in three things: water, food and fire.  These are the sources of wealth and no one is allowed to monopolize them and prevent people from them as it is subsistence of Allah to all his slaves without selfishness, privatization or monopoly.
The Islamist model prohibits aggression against self, properties, or compulsion of belief. The protection of religion, self, mind, offspring and money are the five necessities that were considered by Sharia as the basis of construction and succession. Al-Shatibi said that they are in every people and denomination. Islam laid down one of its major pillars “There is no compulsion in religion”; it laid down the protection of self by the law of retaliation, protection of mind by prohibiting intoxicants, protection of offspring by the legal marriage and prohibited fornication and open relations.
Islam also prohibited false accusations of adultery and it laid down the protection of money. Allah almighty said “And do not entrust to those who are weak of judgment the possessions which God has placed in your charge for [their] support.” Islam laid down the trade and prohibited usury, cheating, monopoly and other transactions that lead to dissipation of money.
The Islamist model ordained Zakat (charity) from the rich to the poor as a known right. In the light of societies that have wealth, the state should interfere to reduce this variance which impairs social safety; taking from the rich and giving to the poor is a protection for the entire society. When your neighbor is satisfied, it is safety for you, where the need doesn’t force him to steal your home.
The dispute of people about the worldly life and their competence on its wealth unjustly lead to the corruption of construction and threaten the function of succession, so the state interferes to protect the construction from chaos and hatred. No poor starved in neighborhood unless its rich didn’t fulfill their duty in their money.
I do not want more digressions but my main idea is that the model which we promise with is a model that I don’t own as an elite but it is a model for everyone. Everyone participates in establishing it. The idea of vanguard which owned the model is a mainly Marxist idea that leaked inside the Islamists, so they see that there should be faithful vanguard which holds, understands and explains the model. This vanguard should seek to authority to impose it over people and society.
The model doesn’t need authority as everyone is participating in applying it and it changes the society. It is not a requirement to have an authority to achieve your model, maybe the authority becomes a burden over you.